Ocean Spaceport Collective


We are planning to launch Corona from an ocean based vessel to ensure launch availability, safety, and low cost. To do that, we are excited to announce a new collective project between Eclipse Orbital and Pythom Space, with more companies coming on board soon, which we are calling the Ocean Spaceport Collective. Having our launch site be mobile on water gives us access to more than 70% of the earth’s surface to launch from, and an unlimited range of launch azimuths. We are aiming to have this project underway by 2020 and finished for our first Corona test flight later in 2020, which is around the same time Pythom will have their first launch. The vessel will have all hardware and capabilities necessary to launch both Eclipse and Pythom rockets, as well as easy configurability for other launch vehicles. Our rockets run on Ethanol and LOX, whereas the Pythom rockets run on Furfuryl and Nitric Acid, so we will be storing all of these on board, with capabilities for almost any other fuel and oxidizer combo. Corona will also base its recovery operations on the platform, aiming to land the first stage back on board after separating from the second stage. The two Prominence boosters will aim for a short runway landing on board as well. All of this will result in a solution to launching orbital small satellites far superior to any other launch provider.