Joseph Zemke


Joe founded Eclipse Orbital in early 2018, and went full time on E.O. later in the year after leaving his last job at Tesla. Joe has experience in manufacturing, logistics, and people management. He is pictured above with a 3D printed model of the Falcon 9 he made in 2018.


Matteo Borri

avionics chief

Matteo Borri is an inventor and engineer in San Rafael, California that has worked with NASA and the Mars Society. His chlorophyll detector will be included on the equivalent of the next Mars Rover.

Matteo’s company, Robots Everywhere LLC, has been working with NASA to create three different prototypes for detecting Chlorophyll in uncharted territory. These devices use “chlofluorescence” to detect the presence of Chlorophyll. They are all handheld devices that can be used indoors or outdoors, and are often operated using a simple Android phone.


Blaze Sanders


Blaze has been doing hardware engineering for 8 years in 2 industries (focused on VR and aerospace); He was previously a Robotics Engineer at NASA, where he worked on a Lunar WormBot. As CTO at SpaceVR, he developed the system architecture for a 3U 16K 360 VR CubeSat, and as Senior Electrical Engineer at Meta Company Blaze brought the Meta 2 Augmented Reality HMD from a TRL of 2 to 7.

Blaze has a passion for making robotic products that allow people to focus on humancentric tasks like family, mental health, and doing what they enjoy. Rockets fit that bill perfectly!

Blaze Sanders

Forrest Dix

Above the Cloud Architect

Forrest has been doing software engineering and architecture for 9 years spanning 3 industries; image processing and recognition of documents and barcodes, autonomous vehicle research, and next generation medical service request software. He has worked on everything from bare-metal real-time embedded software to cloud service meshes.

He has a passion for high-quality software and has launched a few rockets of his own as a certified amateur rocketeer. His biggest pet peeve is poorly designed safety-critical systems. As a BASE jumper, he relies on a parachute to work the first time every time to save his life. And, he expects nothing less from safety-critical software.

His over-arching goal is to develop and apply his skills in ways that make people's lives better.